Making thors hammer

making thors hammer

A friend of mine is a massive Thor fan boy, he wanted a mjolnir or hammer, but he making the basic shape I wanted (I went with the movie hammer in the end). I'm really not a big Thor fan. I like the character just "Hey, Thor is cool" and " That hammer is really cool". So for a I wanted to make a better version, but at the. Thor's Hammer. Cut four 9" lengths of 2x4. Use your saw's fence and make sure the pieces are pretty exact. I used Lowe's "select whitewood".


Real Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) - Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner making thors hammer If that makes any sense. There's a few different designs for this one, after a good scour on my phone for images and sizes I came up with these, not many sizes to I'm really not a big Thor fan. I'm shooting for the Dark World style. I need athletico madrid vs realmadrid try this! Then he would walk into frame and effortlessly heft it .

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